Lightweight and Still Sturdy - Streamlining a Tripod

When we released with the Nano Pro Fluid head as the first MTN HNTR product early in 2023, I knew we needed a companion product that would maximize the weight savings of the Nano Pro while providing a stable, ultralight foundation for glassing. There are already some great tripods on the market for hunters, mostly built by camera companies, so we wanted to challenge what was out there and see if we could create something exceptional. 

My goal was to create a tripod that would be quick and quiet to deploy, simple to use, stable, and fit the needs of a mountain hunter. I wanted the tripod to pair with the Nano Pro Fluid Head at a combined weight under 2 lbs. So I began to strip apart a tripod to the bare minimum, eliminating extra parts, and streamlining the design to try and hit my weight goal, without compromising stability or ease of use.

After several iterations of design and consulting with many different groups about building this product we finally reached our goal and have built the new MTN SS Tripod. This tripod is a bare-bones design that eliminates weight, but improves function in nearly every regard. The MTN SS (Short Stack) is a 2 leg twist lock design, this allows for rapid deployment and stowing, and no confusion on which twist lock isn't tight when a leg starts sinking. It does make this overall collapsed length a little bit longer than other tripods, but can be stowed typically in an outside pocket or strapped on the side of a backpack if there is a fit issue. It also features one-handed operation on the leg locks, and has 3 positions to maximize both stability at maximum heights, and a very low minimum height if needed. The threaded center column also provides options for use at varied heights. We also incorporated a quiet-lock O ring on the center column that allows for quiet collapsing and leg stability when closed. 

The center column is controlled by a twist lock, and/or a tightening screw, which is a very easy to use design to adjust height, and incorporates a integrated adapter to accommodate both 1/4" and 3/8" threaded tripod heads. The SS has a 47" max height, so even on steeper slopes, you'll be comfortable glassing for hours. Designed for sitting and glassing. I believe what we landed on provides exceptional performance in an incredibly lightweight tripod that actually ended up being more stable and easier to use than any other tripod on the market. Built for the sitting and glassing needs of a weight conscious hunter.

The MTN SS is now in stock and shipping daily.

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