Lightweight Fluid Tripod Head

The Nano Pro Fluid Head was our first major product that we brought to market earlier this year. When we set out to start building products, we first had to realize funding, and manufacturing. Through a few of my contacts, I was able to get a few leads on manufacturers and look for someone to help us build a product that could compete in today's market.

Over the past years we've tested, tried, and sold a lot of different tripod legs and heads from many different brands. The problem with tripods and tripod heads is that they're built for photographers and videographers, so weight isn't as big of an issue as it should be. Years ago, I settled in on using a ball head because of the weight for my glassing needs. Over time, after trying many different types of tripod legs, pan heads, fluid heads, etc. I found that there's nothing that beats the performance of a fluid tripod head. When compared to ball heads, and pan head, Fluid heads are generally smoother, stay where you put them and are best suited for short or long glassing sessions for big game in the west. The problem with most fluid heads is that they are heavy, typically over a pound in overall weight. So I starting looking at the potential of building a lighter head.  

I found some partners who could help, and contacted a number of potential places to help us build this product. I sent them my list of wants and soon had a back and forth with photos, videos, and some design options as we worked to meet the specs of my "wish list." Finally receiving the first product early this spring. A lightweight, fluid tripod head that came as a complete package at 10 ounces and performs with the best heads on the market. If the quick release plate and handle were removed, this little unit was just at 7 ounces in total weight. This was accomplished by reducing the form factor, using a single fluid cartridge for tilt, and shortening handles. 

We went to pre-sale early this year, and had great response. We sold 95% of our initial order through our presale. After the initial product release, I felt it was still missing one feature that was requested by our team of product testers and customers; the ability to adjust the handle. So we went back to the drawing board with our factory and engineers and came up with a lightweight solution and have now updated the Nano Pro to include this feature.

We've used the Nano Pro Fluid Head with everything from 10x42 binoculars up to the Swarovski BTX with the 115mm Objective and have been extremely impressed with it's ability to handle every size. The feedback from our community and customers has been exceptional, proving that there were others who were looking for a lighter alternative. We accomplished this, without giving up any functionality in a true fluid tripod head. 

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