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Built for the Mountain

Hunters have unique needs, that's why we're creating products that are built specifically to the needs of mountain and backcountry hunters.

From the Mountains of Wyoming, we design gear for hunting, because we are hunters. Don't use gear designed for something else. Take advantage of your time in the field with purpose driven products built for the mountain from decades of hunting and outdoor experience. And we're just getting started...

fast, sturdy, and smooth

Made for glassing

If you wan't all the extras, this tripod isn't for you. We built the MTN SS tripod kit to be lightweight, sturdy, fast, and smooth so you can count on it when you really need to. Designed for the needs of discerning mountain hunters.

Dive into the MTN HNTR creative process

built for the Mountain Blog

Built for the Mountain

Built for the Mountain

I’ve always wanted to start building hunting products. My upbringing in the mountains of western Wyoming left an indelible mark on my as in my Spar...

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