We've built the lightest fluid head tripod kit for hunting!

The Ultimate Glassing Partner - under 2 lbs!

Nothing beats the performance of a fluid tripod head. So we set out to build one. Introducing the Nano Pro Fluid Head - at half the weight of the industry leaders, the Nano Pro saves weight without compromising performance!

Add the new MTN SS Tripod, and we have the ultimate lightweight Carbon Fiber combo! The SS weighs a mere 21 ounces, and delivers increbile deployment speed, stability, and function so you can glass all day, or get on the glass quick when you need to.

We built this for sheep, elk, and mule deer hunters, but hunters across the North America are using them everywhere, from the backcountry to treestands, and even production studios.

As light as 7 ounces

Fluid Tripod Head for Hunters

pan, tilt, fluid, ball???

Why choose a fluid head

There are a variety of tripod heads on the market today. Ball Heads and pan heads have traditionally been the lightest heads on the market, but when it comes to performance, smooth operation, especially for precise movements for capturing video or long range glassing, fluid heads perform the best. The downside is that fluid heads are usually heavy, so mountain and backcountry hunters will often compromise and carry something else. The Nano Pro is changing the game, at under 10 ounces, you can now enjoy the smooth performance of a quality fluid head at the weight of a ball or pan head -- all for under $100!

Pre-order your SS Tripod Combo Today!

MTN SS Tripod Kit
The Nano Pro fluid micro pan head is changing the game for hunters. At half of the weight of its competitors, the Nano Pro was built for hunters who are looking for a lightweight solution for their backpack. You can throw away the weight, without compromising performance for those extended hunts and long glassing sessions. Package includes 2 quick release plates and an adapter to fit most tripods. Add the Nano Pro to the new SS Tripod for the ultimate in lightweight and ultra-fast deployment. At under 2 pounds, you won't find another tripod setup that delivers the stability and smoothness of the SS Tripod kit. Orders will ship Early February 2023!