Press Release - MTN SS Tripod


MTN HNTR Unveils the MTN SS Carbon Fiber Tripod: The Ultimate Lightweight Solution for Mountain Hunters

[Afton, Wyoming - 2024] – MTN HNTR, a leading innovator in rugged and reliable lightweight hunting gear, is proud to announce the release of the MTN SS Carbon Fiber Tripod. Released on February 10, 2024, this tripod is set to revolutionize the glassing experience for mountain hunters, offering unparalleled performance and mobility.

Elevate Your Glassing Experience

The MTN SS Carbon Fiber Tripod is not just a tool; it’s a testament to innovation. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the SS prioritizes mobility without compromising performance. Weighing in at only 21 ounces, the SS delivers incredible performance with a significant weight reduction compared to other tripods on the market.

Innovative Design and Features

Crafted with a robust multi-layer carbon fiber leg, the MTN SS features two leg sections that provide both stability and speed of deployment without adding unnecessary weight. The threaded carbon fiber center post can be removed, allowing the tripod to be used very close to the ground for shooting or camera angle purposes. The 2-way locking mechanisms enable users to lock the center column at their preferred height in two ways, or use both for an ultra-secure lock.

Key features of the MTN SS Carbon Fiber Tripod include:

  • Max Operating Height: 46.5 inches
  • Minimum Operating Height: 3 inches
  • Folded Length: 18.6 inches
  • Max Load: 22 lbs
  • Weight: 21.1 oz.
  • Leg Sections: 2 Carbon Fiber Leg Sections
  • Interchangeable Post: 3/8" to 1/4" to accommodate most tripod heads

Designed for use while sitting in varied terrain, even on a steep slope, the SS is the ideal ultra-light glassing companion. When paired with the Nano Pro Fluid Head, the combo weighs just 2 lbs, making it the perfect addition to any mountain hunter's gear. Purchase the kit by [CLICKING HERE].

Rugged and Reliable Lightweight Hunting Gear

MTN HNTR is dedicated to designing and building rugged and reliable lightweight hunting gear that allows hunters to stay on the mountain and be more efficient on their hunts. Our products, including the lightest fluid head carbon fiber tripod for glassing, photography, and shooting, are engineered to meet the demands of the most challenging environments.

Quote from Brad Carter, Founder of MTN HNTR

"The SS tripod is going to give hunters the performance of a much heavier tripod in an ultralight package, designed for backcountry hunters who value saving weight without compromising performance," said Brad Carter, Founder of MTN HNTR.

For more information about the MTN SS Carbon Fiber Tripod and other MTN HNTR products, please visit our website or contact us at:

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